Rethinking Education
How can learning be unlearned?
High Level
The best practical example of AI
The best practical example of AI (175B parameters)
Everyone has access to the same model called 'davinci'
‍No fine-tuning possible (yet)
No need for specific training (few-shot)
Market graphic
market hype chart
The hype is high for the future of the passion economy. While it has been around for a long time, there is no getting around the fact that with new tools creators are just now deciding to jump into their own work.
Between communities and content creation a vast sea of digital ink has been spilled over online creation. Yet the truth still stands: there has never has been a better time to create online. By now you already know what this market looks like, with paid newsletters flooding inboxes and digital courses springing up on every topic. The passion economy is here to stay, but how society incorporates it over the long term has yet to be determined. This site exists in no small part to be a voice in that conversation.

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