Guess the next word. Very cleverly.
High Level
The best practical example of AI
The best practical example of AI (175B parameters)
Everyone has access to the same model called 'davinci'
‍No fine-tuning possible (yet)
No need for specific training (few-shot)
Market graphic
market hype chart
The hype is high for the practical uses for AI. In a matter of days GPT-3 went from an interesting project to headlining articles and appearing in investor bios.
OpenAI has captured the minds of thousands this July with the release of it's beta API. Seemingly the first artificial intelligence to truly seem 'smart', people on Twitter are hailing this as a turning point moment. General AI use cases are rapidly climbing up the hype chart.

In short, the awesomeness comes from the ability to just use it. As a generalized model there is no need to collect complicated source materials, and train a custom models over weeks. You just call the API with a specially formatted input, called a primer. As a generalized model, it doesn't know what you want unless you specifically tell it, every time you interact with it.
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